This is the art work I was talking about in my previous post – the one that helped me come up with the idea for this website – that is currently on the ground floor at the Auckland Art Gallery. (It’s currently in the very back room in the main public section of the ground floor). It’s by Christine Heller (1947-) and is called “Change/Exchange” (2008-2016).


It is a lot bigger than I could in my photos – I had been hoping to take a photo of the whole piece but there were people looking at it so I was only able to take a photo of one end and another one focusing in on the detail of a few of the boxes she made between 2008 and 2016 to give people a very basic idea of what the whole work is like.

It’s made up of boxes she has filled with found things, like feathers, and things she has drawn/created some of which include the found items. It works very well and as I mentioned it does seem to have people spending quite a bit of time closely looking at the individual boxes!

The work helped to inspire the idea of an art based website that looks at things I think are attractive or are interesting/oddly interesting even if they don’t fit in with my idea of “real” or “proper” works of art. Street Art is an easy example of this course, as I’ve already mentioned, but today I saw a display of weaving and wool based art works that also fit into my definition of what I want to look at with this site.