CoC categories

I have decided how I am going to categorize the pages of Cabinet of Curiosities – finally! I don’t want to have categories that are about what the thing is, i.e. Art for street art or sculpture, as I can picture having an unruly number of categories and some categories having a tiny number of posts compared to others or having a small more manageable number of categories and having a ridiculously large number of the posts ending up in a “random” or in a “other” category.

So I’ve decided to have four general categories, (or five at most if I can of five I like), that are based on the way I think or feel about each of the posts. At the moment my list is “Pretty”, “Interesting”, “Like”, and “Happy”. I’m not entirely happy with the words I first thought of – “Pretty” in particular – but basically the concepts they represent.

“Pretty”: for things I think are attractive, beautiful and of course pretty. This can be a simple reaction to the thing with no real thought or interest beyond that basic reaction.

“Interesting”: for things that I find thought provoking on a number of levels. For things that interest or challenge me mentally on deeper levels than just randomly liking or thinking something is beautiful.

“Like”: when I like something but can’t quite explain why.

“Happy”: For things that just make me happy. An example of this – which are what caused me to think of the “Happy” category, but which I’m not planning on looking here are the Christmas boxes that are around the central city in Auckland, which have clear panels in them with dioramas of things that are a part of a New Zealand Christmas in them. They also have sensors in them and start playing Christmas music whenever someone comes up to them and for some reason they just make happy. I’ll include three pictures of one box below…