Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Auckland Art Gallery’s children’s floor

The Auckland Art Gallery has a floor that is aimed towards children, with a room that allows children to play or interact with a changing series of displays and there is a larger area next to it between the two sets of stairs that has things like the school holiday arts and crafts programs. Or the interactive Lego display where people could change a city made out of white Lego’s called “The Cubic Structural Evolution project, 2004”.

The new set up is history based and includes examples of Curiosity Cabinets set up along one wall! 🙂

I have taken more photos of the displays but I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with them in relation to this site just yet… (I’m also painfully slowly working on a background and history page of Curiosity Cabinets so these photos would easily work as photographic examples I can use for that, as it would be very good to have photos I’ve taken myself for it).

The rest of the room had boxes of costumes the children could dress up in and old photos that could be used as backgrounds for their caregivers to take photos.