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Cabinet of Curiosities is about things I find interesting, with a basis towards things like street art, art in general, books – in particular books about or created by artists -, oddities, and a few pieces about nature or events. It was originally inspired by an art work at the Auckland Art Gallery which was a wall covered by boxes filled with found objects and things made by the artist, which lead to idea of creating a site that looks at things I find interesting regardless of what they are but probably biased towards things that are art in some degree and the historical Cabinet of Curiosities.

An example of the types of things I will be looking at is the street art that is currently outside the Auckland Public Library in the central city.

Bansky Library

This is the street art outside of the Auckland Public Library that was inspired by Banksy.

This was created by Gabriella Lidstone White in September 2016 or very early October 2016.